Church service is Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Kids church and child care are provided, or kids are welcome to remain with parents if preferred.

Church should be a fun, inspirational place where we can all pause to experience God, enjoy each other and celebrate life!

We understand that it can be intimidating to walk into a building where you've never been before. However, our friendly people will greet you warmly and help you find your way around. People love to come to Real Life Church.

What is the service like?

At RLC you'll enjoy dynamic worship, prayer and a practical message that will impact your life. You'll leave feeling different from when you came in. Church really ought to be fun and life-changing -- and the beautiful thing about Jesus is that He never leaves us the same. Having spent time in the presence of the Lord, you'll feel different.

What about my kids?

Whatever the age of your children, we know that you need a safe place for them to learn and that your kids want to have lots of fun. You'll find that our nursery and children's classrooms are a safe and fun place for them to learn. Our children's ministers are committed to providing a safe and fun place for your kids.

What should I wear?

We are a casual church. Please wear what you feel comfortable in. We have a range from jeans to business casual.

How do I get there?

Major cross streets: Durango and Desert Inn. Real Life Church is located at 3140 S Durango Drive, Suite 105, in Durango Professional Plaza. Look for the green roof. You'll see our signs and easily find us in the courtyard.