Who We Are

Real Life Church is a Christian Church in Las Vegas. We believe the Bible.

REAL means true and genuine, not fake or artificial.

LIFE relates to every person. It speaks of God's desire to bring beauty out of brokenness in the process of the reconciliation of all things back to Himself.

CHURCH is who we are, connected to the millions of people who belong to Christ who are alive today and those who have gone before. 

Real Life Church represents our desire to see people experience the real life Jesus offers. God has given us a relational call and has blessed us building friendships, learning to forgive, refusing to hold offenses, learning to work together as a team, establishing a New Testament leadership team as the foundation we are built upon, and opening our circle of friendship to a needy world.

Throughout our history God has taught us to be people of the Word - His word matters to us; our words to each other matter.

We're building a culture that reflects what He has taught us. And in that is the root of all things - the Name above all names - Jesus.